Portland Oregon

Winston 5k Color Splash and Festival

Coordinated by Pacific Fitness and SouthRiver Community Health Center

So what’s this all about?
This is perhaps the most fun you will ever have!

You start with a clean, tidy white t-shirt and as you pass thought the color zones you will be blasted with different colors at each station.

Event coordinators suggest wearing a dark tank top under your white shirt since you’re going to be splashed with water colors.

What’s going to happen?
Here’s where the fun begins! Everyone is required to wear as much white as possible. Feel free to dress up, tutus, boas, whatever as long as it’s FUN and mostly White! Next we are going to splash you in color; color zones are located at each stop along the route.

We are going to turn you into a tye-dyed mess work of art!

Is the color permanent?
Shake off the “dust” before getting in your car as color tends to brush off when it is dry. For your skin, it’ll take a couple of showers to get it back to normal, but it will wash out. We recommend wearing a hat if you have bleached or extremely blond hair, and wash thoroughly after the run.

How do I clean up?
There will be an area at the end of the event where you can clean up. You may want to bring a towel, drop cloth or garbage bag to put in your car for the ride home.

Want to keep the color?
Soak your clothes in vinegar to lock in the look, but keep in mind colors may not be as vibrant after you wash them.

Is there an age limit?
Not at all! Come young, come old!

Are kids welcome?
Yepperoni!!! What kind of parent would you be if you let them miss all this action? Besides they’ll sleep well. Children will need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian and for good measure, you will need a waiver as well.

Strollers, Can I bring one?
Absolutely, three + miles is a long way to carry a kiddo. We recommend a jogging stroller with air tires.

Are pets allowed?
No, sorry. It’s hard to predict how pets will react to being pelted with color, so for everyones safety pets need to sit this one out.

Is the run timed?
Not this one. The only time you need to worry about is having the TIME of your LIFE. Although going fast is fun, all skill levels are encouraged! You can run, jog, walk, trot, skip or hop, just have fun and enjoy the experience!

What do I need to bring?
If you registered by September 23, you’ll receive a Winston Color Splash 5K t-shirt at sign-in. Otherwise, wear a white shirt. In addition, you might bring some sexy specs (shades/glasses/eye-wear), a seat cover (for your wheels), and a bandana to cover your mouth if you’re super sensitive. You get the point – anything you want to keep color off or out of (eyes, mouth, car, etc.) Your other clothing will show off the color best if white or light colored.

It’s our celebration that you’ve finished the run! We’ll count down from 10 and everyone will receive a final splash!

We will hold only one color explosion because we believe in doing things as a whole community; so stick around, eat, drink, and cheer on your city as they cross the finish line.

What if i register and can't make it? What is the refund policy?
Can't make it? Are you crazy?!
We try not to even consider the idea of someone not making it it's WAY TOO MUCH FUN to miss! Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds, exchanges, or transfers.

More Questions?
We tried to guess what you’d ask, but if we missed something you just HAVE to know, give Pacific Fitness a call at 541.670.0577 or email us at winstoncolorrun@gmail.com